• Why can't I get Prime two-day shipping through Amazon?

We would love to be able to offer Prime two-day shipping. However – as with all aerosol can products – Andy's Super Oil can not be shipped by air.

  • The straw doesn't fit inside the actuator nozzle.

Try inserting the other end of the straw into the nozzle. If that doesn't work, please contact us and we will send you a replacement straw and actuator.

We very much appreciate the customer feedback on this subject. This appears to be a quality control issue with our suppliers and will be resolved moving forward.

  • The straw doesn't fit in the 'strawkeeper cap.'

Try squeezing the cap on either side of the strawkeeper slot. This will open the slot, making it easier to insert the straw.


  • I’m having a difficult time opening my car's trunk. Would Andy’s Super Oil help?

Several users have sprayed their gas springs (the struts that help support the weight of the trunk lid) with Andy's Super Oil and found that it renewed the seal in the gas spring and allowed the strut to work properly again. However, Andy’s Super Oil doesn't repair the seal, it only lubricates it. If the seals are too far gone, the strut may need to be replaced.

  • My car key is always sticking in my door lock. What’s the best way to fix that?

It’s easy! – Spray some Andy’s Super Oil into the car door lock. On most modern doors, you’ll need to use a small screwdriver to push open the lock cover (it’s spring loaded). Then, spray some Andy's Super Oil using the included straw. That should do the trick. If not, look closely at your key. If it was cut at a store that doesn’t do a lot of work with locks, it might not be ground and filed properly. A good locksmith and a quality hardware store are both good choices to have your keys copied.

  • Is there any use for Andy’s Super Oil under the hood of my car?

Yes! Your car has some significant linkages that would benefit greatly from lubrication. Depending on the car, your throttle linkage, cruise control, wiper motors, hood hinges, hot air doors, and numerous other parts will appreciate a shot of Andy’s Super Oil. Just remember not to spray when the engine is running or hot. Also, be careful to not get any lubricant on your belts.


  • I would like to use ASO on the maintenance of my airplane. Because I’m the owner and not an A&P, can I use it to lubricate the plane’s flight controls?

The Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) Part 43 allows you to perform much of the maintenance that your aircraft requires, provided that you do not operate that aircraft under FAR Part 121, 127, 129, or 135 (charter, for hire, and other types of missions). For the most part, lubricating control surfaces, levers, knobs, pulleys, and hinges can be done by an owner. Please check with your A&P and ask them to demonstrate how to properly lubricate these items. Your plane will love you for it!

  • My plane is parked on a ramp and exposed to the elements. Will Andy’s Super Oil help with that?

Sun, wind, hot, cold, rain, snow, and other atmospheric conditions can take their toll on your airplane. Andy's Super Oil helps by lubricating your exposed hinges and trim mechanisms.

  • Can I use Andy’s to loosen the bolts on my exhaust manifold?

Andy’s Super Oil wasn’t formulated with this use in mind. We would recommend using a product with more solvent as a bolt “breaker.” However, an A&P who runs a corporate flight department in Texas routinely uses Andy’s for this very purpose with great success. Just spray it on, let the product penetrate and do its work, then loosen the bolts.

  • My A&P is suspicious of anything without a Mil-Spec number on it. Does Andy's Super Oil work as well as those products do?

As you may know, the Mil-Spec program is going through a major overhaul. Many of the standards are being rewritten or disposed of altogether. Because Andy's Super Oil is a modern formulation and uses the latest advances in lubrication science, it is far superior to many older products that have a Mil-Spec number. We can refer your A&P to maintanence shops that use Andy’s Super Oil almost exclusively for their general lubrication needs.

  • The service manual for my aircraft calls out very specific lubricants. Is it OK to use Andy’s Super Oil instead?

You should always maintain your aircraft according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. In some instances, they’ll specify a certain lubricant – you should use it. In any event, please consult with your A&P – they are the professionals responsible for the safe maintenance of your aircraft.